Peer Review Process

1)  The editor on chief receives the online submitted article,

2)  The format suitability of the article is checked by the journal secretary

3)  When the article passes the stage of formatting suitability, the editor on chief would send the blind copy of the article to 2 reviewers

4)  The reviewers should acknowledge receiving the article and express their willing to review it

5)  If there is no response form the reviewer within one week or if the reviewer is not willing to review the article, the editor will send the article to another reviewer

6)  The reviewers who accepted to review the article should reply with their comments within 4 weeks

7)  The sectary will send reminder after these 4 weeks for another 2 weeks

8)  If no reply, another reviewer will be recruited

9)  The comments of the 2 reviewers will be send to the corresponding author asking for a reply within 2 weeks through letter and table to respond to each comment in details

10)  The decision of acceptance or rejection is the duty of the editorial board

11)  The editor will send a decision email to the corresponding author

12)  Accepted article will go through English revision and preparation for publication by the journal secretary

13)  The corresponding author should pay the publication fees before proceeding in the publication.

The financial compensation for reviewing will be transferred to the reviewers with thanks letter.