Aims and Scope

The journal covers original articles, review articles, and case reports. The scope of the journal covers wide range of topics on Physical Therapy including basic research, clinical application, and new technologies in assessment and treatment as well as physical activity in health promotion. Topics also include physical therapy education, management and accreditation. Preference will be given to randomized clinical trials, articles with an interdisciplinary approach, and to articles with implications to patient’s quality of life and innovations in Physical Therapy rehabilitation and education. 

  • The journal aims to:
  1. Act as a window for physical therapy researchers and scientists to publish and flourish.
  2. Facilitate the physical therapy evidence-based practice through the provision of quality randomized clinical trials.
  3. Foster population quality of life.
  4. Introduce guidelines to the practice of the physical therapy profession.
  5. Enhance the quality of physical therapy education and management.
  6. Support innovation and creation in physical therapy.