Pre and postoperative rehabilitation of adult athletic player with ACL reconstruction.

Document Type : Original Article


Basic Science Department, Faculty of Physical Therapy,Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef, Egypt.


Objective :
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of
preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation on knee
proprioception, muscle strength, stability and functional level
in athlete with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Study Design : Case report.
Level of Evidence : Level 5.
Methods : a 6 weeks preoperative RICE, four set exercise,
cryo and electrotherapy was applied to a 23 years old
professional level football player with right ACL tear was
going into ACLR. Followed by 24 weeks of postoperative
functional strength training, stability, balancing,
proprioceptive, manual therapy exercise and gait training
ending by perturbation, jumping, running and hop training.
Results : joint effusion was controlled after 6 weeks
preoperative rehab with restoration of joint ROM, allowing
patient to get into ACLR surrey. By the end of 24th week
postoperatively patient regained full muscle power, full joint
ROM, could realize joint sense, double and single leg stance
on balance board up to 3 min. 80% to 90% of hop testing was
achieved in addition to running continuously 15–20 min.
Conclusion : a well-designed pre and postoperative training
program get a young athlete to a successful ACLR surgery,
preventing postoperative complications and improving
postoperative out-comes. Leading patient to get into his
sports again.